Leaders around the world share their experiences with SESIL PIR Consulting.


“As the Chair of Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos International (NPHI), an organization serving children and youth in situations of vulnerability in Latin America and the Caribbean, I have worked closely with SESIL PIR Consulting GmbH in preparation of our Board Meetings, which Sesil also facilitated. In addition, Sesil has served as a consultant on HR matters for NPHI.

Working with Sesil has been an outstanding experience. Due to Sesil’s organizational skills, insights and creative problem solving NPHI has made great progress in our strategic planning process and our board work in general.

Sesil facilitated our board meetings in a thoughtful and constructive matter, moving us forward in our discussion of the many topics and tasks we have to accomplish.
If you are in need of a consultant for Human Resource issues, strategic planning, or meeting facilitation, I strongly recommend Sesil Pir. She is a person of integrity that will produce results for you and your organization.”

Reinhart Koehler
Chair, NPHI


“For some of our clients in Europe, we partner with SESIL PIR Consulting GmbH to deliver our services and our clients are just raving! Sesil Pir is a top-notch consultant – highly knowledgeable, can be trusted, and make our products and services shine. We just keep sending them more work!”

Bruno Lecoq
VP of Operations adaQuest, Inc., America’s Fastest Growing Companies by Forbes


“I count it a privilege to have been able to work with Mrs. Pir during a recent structuring I was assigned to lead. She comes with such a solid experience and working knowledge of the organizational psychology as well as the Americas region; she has literally been a walking dictionary for the rest of our HR team!”

Savant Ahmed
Senior Vice President, GE Capital


“Working with Sesil Pir in coaching sessions over 3 months on my development planning helped me to identify ways to develop and improve areas of strength and opportunities.
With her experience and her big knowledge in talent development, Sesil gave me an clear idea about my personalized professional development possibilities and helped me to choose the right direction.”

Sophie Saxx
Process and Organizations Manager, RUAG Aviation


“Highly recommend SESIL PIR Consulting GmbH for organizational development work. Sesil and her team has been immense in helping us lead through strategy development, project planning and management in some transformation work.”

Michael Perschke
Global Director of Network Strategy, Audi


“We have worked with SESIL PIR Consulting on a project connecting strategy and its implementation identifying winning strategies. In both fields it was enriching based on Sesil Pir’s ability to rapidly understand and “dig in” to our reality and then connect this with more general concepts. If this is your challenge I highly recommend Sesil Pir and team.”

Carsten Henke
Chief Commercial Officer, Mediwound


“In our Annual Pre-service Training Event in İstanbul on 16 August 2017, as Uğur Schools, a member of BUEK-Bahçeşehir Uğur Educational Institutions – one of the largest educational bodies in Europe, we had the chance to be with Sesil Pir being one of our keynote speakers at the event. More than just a presentation, what Sesil created was actually a clear frame of what most of us should be doing towards the creation and stability of institutional identities. Even within the limited time and with a great many participants, it is certain that Sesil reached the hearts and minds of many for the facilitation of strategic planning and keeping up with the climate that  was created along with the planned change.  Her analysis of educational sectors, the roles and lives of many of us in the field and our institution has proven her discipline and scientific broadmindedness and we strongly believe that she has one of those voices to be heard before or while designing institutional strategies along with creating an identity and vision.”

Nevzat Kulaberoğlu
General Manager, Uğur Schools