Our team has managed organizational change across a variety of industries and geographies, and partners with top research institutes.

Sesil Pir
CEO & Principal Consultant

Sesil Pir is a recognized industrial psychologist and human resources expert with two decades of field experience serving Fortune 100 companies globally. She currently serves as Head of Employee Experience at Takeda Pharmaceutical and the Founder and Principal Consultant of SESIL PIR Consulting GmbH, a boutique management consultancy, focusing on changing the status quo of work.

  • Large-scale transformation leadership
  • Culture transformation leadership
  • Human capital strategy leadership
  • Organizational design
  • People process implementation

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We value partnerships with industry professionals who have passions aligned to our mission. We find power in the diversity of experiences and scale in the complementary skills brought to our collaboration. Here are a some of our respected partners:



The Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (CCARE) at Stanford University School of Medicine was founded in 2008 with the explicit goal of promoting, supporting, and conducting rigorous scientific studies of compassion and altruistic behavior. Founded and directed by Dr. James Doty, Clinical Professor of Neurosurgery, CCARE is established within the Department of Neurosurgery. To date, CCARE has collaborated with a number of prominent neuroscientists, behavioral scientists, geneticists and biomedical researchers to closely examine the physiological and psychological correlates of compassion and altruism.

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ScienceForWork is an independent, non-profit foundation of evidence-based practitioners who want to #MakeWorkBetter. The future calls for managerial decisions that require both critical thinking and the use of the best available evidence. Too often professional experience and stakeholder interests are the only information guiding the way managers decide. Sometimes they also look at some organizational data, while only rarely they consider scientific evidence

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Hari Abburi

Consultant on Strategy, Leaders, Organization & HR

Hari’s focus is on Agility. In 2017, he articulated a definition of agility and key elements that he believes are the key to the future of businesses. His thinking, research and work are at the intersection of industries, technologies/specializations and future of work developments.

He has held executive positions at both global and regional level. His work primarily is in M&As/Integrations, Start-Ups, Restructuring. He worked with Hoerbgiger Group, Aon, Walmart JV, GE and Coca-Cola.

He is active on Universities as a faculty. He has teaching experience in full credit as well as custom courses. His teaching stints included International HR at S P Jain Singapore, Design Thinking at California Institute of Technology, Growth Strategies and Capability at Delhi School of Economics.

He is global professional having lived and worked in India, Singapore, Malaysia, Switzerland. He is now based in Los Angeles, US.

Asli Aker

Global Leadership and Organizational Development Expert

Asli Aker is a Global Leadership and Organizational Development Expert based in Seattle, WA. She has living and working experience in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East with a client profile from all around the world.

Asli has over 20 years of experience in consulting and international organization development. She also has deep experience in transformation work, talent management and strategy execution in both start-up and established environments.

As a coach, Asli has worked with leaders to help them take on mission critical challenges, manage complex demands and remain authentic along the way. She has 15 years of coaching experience with executives, high potentials and senior leaders.

Asli works with the whole picture in mind and helps leaders navigate the unknown, make confident decisions and deliver results. She has worked with Business Leaders, Distinguished Scientists, Engineers to help them take on new roles, manage the broader system and build effective organizations. She also has worked with up and coming talent on making strategic career decisions as well as acquiring management and leadership skills.

Carol Bubar

Strategy Expert

Carol Bubar is a world-recognized Strategy Expert. After discovering a passion for process improvements and driving efficiencies, she focused her career around business process excellence.

She began in manufacturing engineering at both Hewlett Packard and Boeing, and then moved to Microsoft. In the 20+ years at Microsoft, Carol has held many senior positions including Chief of Staff, Senior Director of HR Program Office and Global Director of Operational Excellence. Carol’s implementation experience spans manufacturing, customer experience, HR, product development, and supply chain, with expertise in process framework, optimization, technology scale-up, project management offices, and global initiative management. She has been a lead consultant to many multi-year global growth projects serving organizations of varies sizes and industries. She is PMP and TAD certified.

She is a mother of three and lives in Seattle, Washington with her husband.

Sinan Canan

Professor of Medical Neurophysiology

Sinan Canan was born in Ankara in 1972. Graduated from Hacettepe University Biology Department in 1995. He holds a MSC in Histology and Embryology and a PhD in Medical Physiology Department of Medical School of Ondokuz Mayis University. He became a Professor in Medical Physiology in 2010.

Sinan has studied and worked in different institutions across the globe, including Stanford University (California, US, 2018), Baskent University (Ankara, Turkey, 2004-2009) and Bartholin Institute Neurological Research Lab (Copenhagen, Denmark, 1998). He is interested in multidisciplinary work, including areas of behavioral neuroscience, electrophysiology, chaos theory, complexity, fractal geometry and fractal behavior, evolutionary neuropsychology, language and learning.

He is the Founder of 1st Neuroscience Education Initiative in Turkey, [n]Beyin ([n]Brain) and has participated in 100s of public lectures, TV programs and educational activities across the country. He is an author of several books including best-sellers Değişen Beynim (My Changing Brain, 2015), “Unutulacak Şeyler” (Things to be Forgotten, 2016) and “Dijital Gelecekte Insan Kalmak” (Staying Human in A Digital Future, 2018).

Currently, he is a professor at the Uskudar University Psychology Department and acts as the Head of Neuromarketing postgraduate program and the co-founder of AcikBeyin Education and Consulting Company. Sinan deeply believes that the human beings are too complicated to ground self on only one profession and the human life is too long to be spent on only one branch of knowledge, and he continues to work according to this personal principle.

Mathias Fritzen

Executive Coach & Published Author Focus on Leadership Narrative

Mathias is an ICF accredited Coach, Author of the book Applied Spirituality, Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner and TRuST Headcoach. His guiding passion is to understand complexities and transform them into clarity.

He gives talks and facilitates workshops for local and international events: University of Dortmund, Konstanz & Basel, Potential Talks, EBBF and Word Happiness Agora to name a few. As a creative director in digital design and »sometimes as a troublemaker« he has worked for brands such as Telekom, Lufthansa, DHL and SEAT. This experience provides him with a deep connection and understanding for the inner psychology in both the corporate and private sectors.

Raising consciousness, exploring alternative perspectives, inviting radical honesty and igniting self-responsibility are his paramount focus areas. In his coaching work he melds practices from Self-Inquiry, Core Energy Coaching, The Work, Rinzai Zen, Shaolin Kung-Fu, Integral-Theory, Inner Engineering and Constellation Work. Through this work and integrating his experience he opens up the door for sustainable transformation and direct experience.

Kristen Harcourt

Certified Professional Coach Consultant and Speaker

For the last 12 years Kristen has consulted with hundreds of organizations in various industries helping them create more positive and productive workplaces. Her specialties have been talent management, leadership development, organizational wellness, team effectiveness and performance management.

In January 2017 she started her coaching practice so that she could work with more individuals on a one-on-one basis and have a deeper impact. Her mission in the workplace is to help leaders develop greater self-awareness and emotional intelligence, lead with courage, reach their full potential and bring out the best in their people. She also works with individuals in a personal setting who want to have more balance, meaning, clarity and fulfillment in their careers and lives. She’s dedicated to supporting individuals in becoming more aware of their strengths, blind spots, values and purpose.

Kristen is a graduate of McMaster University, having attained her Honors Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Psychology. She completed her coach training and certification through The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and achieved her CPCC designation – Certified Professional Co-Active Coach.

On a personal note, Kristen is a big believer in kindness and intentional living. She’s passionate about humanizing the workplace and creating empowering work environments where people thrive.

Irit Hovich

CEO, Grand Staff Diversity & Inclusion Expert

Irit has vast experience (over 15 years) in the field of diversity in Israel, including development and implementation of innovative methodologies and unique tools for effective D&I management in organizations. Specializing in development of organizational capacity for successful diversity management. Experienced with the Israeli private, public and non-profit sectors.

For the past six years, founder and CEO of Grand Staff, a consulting company which specializes in managing-diversity, collaboration, and leveraging of interpersonal differences within organizations for business growth.

Main occupations are consulting and leading D&I processes in various organizations. Conducting organizational assessments; developing intervention plans and organizational infrastructure for managing diversity, revising and adjusting HR organizational processes. Training senior, junior & HR management; and accompanying implementation. Developing the “21 Model” – a theoretical model & innovative structured methodology aimed at managing all types of human diversity within organizations. Establishing & managing a virtual professional community online: “Diversity Management in Israel”, aimed at raising awareness and sharing knowledge & information concerning D&I processes in the Israeli & International workplace. D&I Lecturer in a variety of academic institutions and professional HR conferences.

Past and present clients include: Governmental agencies, public sector, academia, corporate, hi-tech, insurance companies, and more.

Siobhain Tapley

Executive Coach and Organizational Consultant

Siobhain is an Executive Coach and Organizational Consultant, working with clients across sectors and disciplines including General Management, Commercial, Financial, Technology, Manufacturing and Supply Chain, Sales & Marketing and Medical.

Her 18 years’ experience was gained with BP plc in the UK and Novartis in Switzerland, enjoying leadership and consultancy roles in both Sales & Marketing and HR. Her most recent role was Head of Talent Management, Organizational Development & Staffing for Novartis Pharma Manufacturing. She has been coaching leaders for 14 years.

Siobhain trained as an Executive Coach at the internationally-acclaimed Tavistock Consulting, a Program, which is accredited at senior practitioner level by the European Coaching & Mentoring Council.

Siobhain works with clients to support their understanding of their motivations and strengths, generating greater insight into their unconscious barriers to fulfilling their potential. Her aim is to facilitate understanding of how the client`s patterns interplay with the organization and wider environment, to refine their own identity as an effective, influential and resilient leader. Siobhain`s style is warm, supportive, challenging and practical.

Serhat Tatli

Change Management Expert

Dr. Serhat Tatlı received his BA in Economics (1998) & MBA (2000) degrees from Marmara University, and his PhD degree (2012) from Işık University on Change Management.

He started his professional career in Marmara University as a research assistant between 1998 and 2000. He joined Tekofaks/Panasonic group of companies in 2000 and had executive positions including CEO for 11 years.

Since 2011, he is the founding CEO and Chairman of Değişim Akademisi® and TeQeN® GmbH. He also acts as an executive board member at NgTech. Besides, he acted as the partner and board member of global leader organizations’ Turkey offices (i.e. WSI, Toronto ; Linkage Inc., Boston) between 2013-2017.

Serhat had the honor to be the first Turkish keynote speaker at GILD (The Global Institute for Leadership Development) as the World’s No.1 leadership development experience awarded by Leadership Excellence for 7 consecutive years. He is one of the lead mentors of Startupbootcamp İstanbul and StartersHUB.

He lectured as guest and resident professor at many universities on change management, leadership, and next generation entrepreneurship topics.


Paul O’Beirne

Organizational Consultant and Executive Coach

Paul is the principal of ORCA HR Solutions, founded in 2013. He previously worked for Microsoft in Global Senior Human Resource Leadership roles where he was accountable for developing global people and organizational strategy aligned to business goals. He started businesses from the ground up and built organizational blueprints and governance models for complex global matrix organizations. He has set up business in Ireland, India, China, the United Kingdom and the US.

Paul has extensive experience of leadership and team development. During his time at Microsoft, he was accountable for leadership development across global and diverse organizations. He has developed Leadership Training in the areas of Global Matrix Management, Performance Management, Management Excellence, Understanding and leading Change. He worked with the London Business School to develop a global leadership program for high-potential leaders. Throughout his career he has worked with many individuals, teams and organizations on realizing their potential and increasing their effectiveness.