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    We are happy to announce that Sesil Pir is recognized as one of the 2019 Top 101 Employee Engagement Influencers.


We believe organizations can reach productivity while keeping a balance between the economic, environmental and social aspects of business.

We help organizations develop thru mindset growth and evidence-based future of work practices.

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The Human Leader

How is 20th-century business different than 21st century? What are the trends leading to change? What does it mean to have a human way of leadership?
Why is trust a necessity for 21st-century organizations? How can you consider and build organizational climates of compassion, wisdom and wellbeing in a high technology age?

Join us to find out about the key dynamics that are preventing the company of your dreams becoming a reality!

Duration: 4 hrs of practice learning
Target audience: Industry and practice leaders

Where: Zurich/Switzerland
When: TBD

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Working with Sesil Pir in coaching sessions over three months on my development planning helped me to identify ways to develop and improve areas of strength and opportunities.

With her experience and her big knowledge in talent development, Sesil gave me an clear idea about my personalized professional development possibilities and helped me to choose the right direction.

Process and Organizations Manager
RUAG Aviation
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Whirling Chief

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